Lithuania - Head office

Mainu st. 6, LT-94101, Klaipeda, Lithuania 
tel. +370 68049076 
skype: membranines 
fax: +370 46218334 


administration: , tel. +370 680 49076 
technological dept.: , tel. +370 687 06647 
financial dept.: , tel. +370 687 38890 
foreign Relations and Supply dept.: , tel. +370 671 33921 
general questions: , тел. +370 671 90091 

Developers of electrodialysis (electromembrane) apparatuses and complex equipment, including special purpose equipment for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Different capacities – from laboratorial, pilot to industrial, as well as technological processes with electrodialysis method application.

An innovative private company specializing in production and development
of electrodialysis equipment and technologies on the basis of electromembrane processes
Anno 1996

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